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How do I register a team for the 2019/20 season?
Registration opens up to returning teams on March 5th, 2019. New teams, or teams looking to move leagues, can register on May 1st, 2019.Registration can be done at the office or over the phone.

A deposit of one player's league and membership fee is required to hold the spot at the office or over the phone. Stick league and junior league registration will take place in September 2019.


How many players are allowed on a team?
Each team must have a minimum of four players, with a maximum of six players allowed on their roster. Four players must pay both league and membership fees, while up to two alternates only have to pay a membership fee (unless they already are playing full time in another league.) 

If the team wishes to divide up the costs equally, it must be done within the team, as our system can only accept the pre-determined prices and payments.    


How do I find a team?
We try our best to find individual players and teams looking for player spots. View our Find a Team page and inquire if you'd like to be listed.  We are also looking to grow our Calgary New Curlers Facebook page for those new to the community.   


How long is the season?
The season runs for 22 weeks from the last week in September to the end of March. Once registered a full calendar of dates will be available online. 

What leagues are available?

The Garrison offers 12 full season leagues. It also hosts a City-Wide University League, Greenhorn League, spring season, junior program, Wheel Chair League and other Rental options. View all the available leagues.

How much does it cost?

2018/19 Full Season Garrison League fees:
Weekday leagues: $273.00
Seniors’ leagues: $273.00
Stick league: $199.50
Weeknight leagues: $378.00
Junior league: $105 (to be determined)
Sunday league: $320.25

GST and a 4% social fee are included in these league fees.

Players must purchase a $52.50 membership (GST included) to join a league. If a player is in multiple leagues they are only required to purchase one membership. Junior memberships are $21 (GST included). Memberships are only required for full season leagues. 

To secure a team placement one person's full membership and league fees must be paid upon registering/renewing. All remaining player balances must then be paid before the second game of the season or they won't be allowed to step onto the ice. 

Outstanding balances may be subjected to automatic team loses, defaults, or other penalties. Stick league and junior league registration will take place in September 2018.  


What does a membership mean?
Members are able to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Members also get access to up to one hour of free practice ice time a week.


What is the spare policy?
Spares are players that fill in for missing teammates. Spares are eligible to substitute up to the position of the missing player. Once registered the full spare policy can be viewed.

Spares can play for free up to three times, and then must pay a $52.50 membership fee (unless they are already currently registered in a league.) Spares can sign-up, or update their exisiting profiles to be put onto the online spares list. 

What happens if our team has to forfeit a game?
Teams are required to notify the other team of any cancellations. Under the discretion of the opposing teams, make-up games can either be arranged or an automatic win can be claimed.

Teams can find contact information within their leagues’ pages. The defaulting team must also notify the office. If the office is not notified, the game will be marked as a tie. 


How do I book practice ice?
Both members and non-members can book practice ice. Non-members pay $15. Learn more about the policy and how to book practice ice. 


What options are there for competitive verses recreational curling?
Every Garrison league features “D” to “A” divisions to accommodate a variety of skill levels. There are also a range of Garrison bonspiel options to choose from. 


How does score keeping and the standings work?
The final score of a game does not matter when it comes to the standings. We are starting to transition into a score keeping system that only allows us to enter Wins or Losses. Any tie breakers are determined by opposition win comparisons, aggregate scores and then after that an administrator coin flip. Score cards are on the ice are to be filled out by the winning team at the end of the game with “W”s and “L”s from now on, and handed in to the score card holders by the ice doors.

Due to this rule, you are also not required to put the score up after each end either (especially if it is a blow out game) out of courtesy to the other team. After each round, teams within the league are reseeded. Depending on past results, teams will either move up or down a division. Those who finish in the "A" pool will compete in playoffs during the last two weeks of the season.

The winning team will then play against the other leagues for a chance at the Mixed, Seniors, Open and Men's Club Championships, earning their spot into the City Championships. The Ladies' Leagues do not have playoffs, but a team is selected by the club to represent the Garrison. If you have any questions on this please contact us. 


What options are available for those with limited ability?
Curling can be played either with a lunge, standing or wheel chair delivery. The Garrison offers a stick league and lessons. The rink also hosts a wheel chair league. View all of the leagues. 

How do I learn to play or get better?

We offer crash course, refresher and multiple week learn to curl programs. We also offer private lessons for up to four people. View all of the options. 


What if I don’t have equipment?
The Garrison has limited brooms and sliders available upon request to borrow. Players may be required to pay a rental fee. The Garrison has limited gear available for purchase such as slip on sliders, grippers, broom heads and protective head gear available. More equipment can be found at Curler's Corner (located in the Calgary Curling Club). 

How can I host an event?

Rental options are available for special occasions, fundraising and/or corporate functions. We offer ice and lounge rental options, with both equipment and a 30 minute introductory lesson available. Learn more. 

How can I volunteer and what options are available?

Support can be lent in the junior program, for the casino, as a league representative, for corporate events and in the board. Those interested in coaching may also be eligible for paid training. Learn more. 


Where can I go to learn more about the sport?
Visit Curling Canada to learn more about how the game is played, what the benefits and more. 

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