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Garrison Skins Bonspiel

February 16 & 17 2019

Eligibility: Adult (18+)

Format: Open Teams Format

Cost : $220/team

Food: Dinner on Saturday Night

To enter contact the office at 403 242-8191 or


Skins Competition

The Skins format differes from regular curling in that a point ‘skin’ is awarded for each end won, with the skin value for each end increasing as the game progresses. A skin is awarded if the team with the hammer scores two or more points or the opposing team steals the end. If neither of these occur the skin is carried over to the next end and the total value at stake grows. This results in a very exciting offensive style of play where every end is like the final end of the game with teams going all out to win. At the completion of each end the team with the most skin value wins the game.

Skins Rules

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